sense of place

Sense of Place

Sense of Place brings together four artists whose practices overlap and incorporate video and film in diverse ways. The works selected for this exhibition, while equally diverse in approach, each explore the peculiar form of knowledge that comes from the attempt to know and understand a place – or from the failure to develop that sense – whether through geographical place, collective and individual memory, or within the place of the body itself. As we engage in this process, in which spatial awareness and self-awareness combine in some undisclosed contribution to consciousness, the reality we build resists and eludes unreality in that, ultimately, what we perceive is only an exclusively real. The works of these artists escape that limitation, relying on the unreal to sharpen focus and find the edges of our sense of the world in which we live and the selves from which we know it.

Opening reception Friday 12 July 6-10pm

With works by

Kanako Ishii

Sarah Oh-Mock

Tracey Snelling and Adan Levine

Clemens Wilhelm

Curated by Andy Holtin and Samantha Sethi

Image still from Sarah Oh-Mock's The Deluge