Tuesdays @ HilbertRaum: Ghost & Golem
An ongoing performance evening by Dan Allon

Curator: Revital Michali

In September 2016 Dan Allon took part in a one-month expedition, going from Madrid to Casablanca. While working there on his new project, he was confronted with intimate memories which were alien to him and realizing those memories, emotions, and feeling can be transmitted unintentionally and unconsciously through genes, from his forefathers. His assumptions are validated through the scientific research field called Epigenetics which focuses on gene transformation derived by habitat and micro / Meta social situations. Allon's father, Simon, is originated in Morocco. Allon's mother, Miryam, is originated in Germany. While since 2015 he is investigating into his mother's family history (and in addition, moved to live in Berlin), in 2016 he also added his father's origins to the table. The confrontation evokes mixed feelings: alienation, on one hand, comfort on the other. Those feelings are the same for the German side as well. Since both sides didn't share much of their stories with Allon, he started fabricating scenarios and making up fake stories and biographies. While in Morocco he started working on a visual story which ties his family's and his identity as an artist to significant characters from Morocco, Spain, and Germany's history.
In this evening by putting together the autobiographical and invented story he creates a humorous alternative story of nations, family and self-portrait, and makes friends with private and national ghosts.