A line allein

Ian Jehle, Sandra Schlipkoeter, Carrie Stubbs

Perception is, at its core, an act of faith. To move through the world, to render it knowable, we must rely on the conclusions we learn to draw about what we see. While we know that a line has no thickness, that it infinitely divides an infinite space, and though we know that light has no weight, no shape of its own, or that the void and the object cannot be the same, we often suspend this knowledge to keep our world tight at the seams. The artists in this exhibition, Ian Jehle, Sandra Schlipkoeter, and Carrie Stubbs, go out of their way to keep those seams open. With differing approaches, each creates a kind of playground for the eye and the mind, a space or an image or an object that gives the viewer an opportunity to see themselves seeing, to become aware of the assumptions and expectations that are part of the otherwise unobserved moment of perception. Jehle’s work is rooted in his study of mathematics and particle theory, resulting in room-scale installations based on the behavior of line on surface. Schlipkoeter begins with the distortions of digital images and screens, transformed through interference to phenomena that push pattern while defying it. Carrie Stubbs’ objects and installations are as much light and shadow as object, allowing space to fold forward and back.


Opening: Friday 17. August, 6pm - 10pm
Duration: 17.08.2018 - 25.08.2018