() Parenthesis Space Parenthesis

with works by Juan Arata, Eli Cornejo, LAN Hungh, Philippe Marcus, Ssmidd

() Parenthesis Space Parenthesis is a nomadic artist-in-residency program and a close group of participating artists who meet once a year to build up an exhibition, usually without any previous idea, finding their way through the endemic materials and improvisation.

During the past projects the process for each residency was a very dynamic exchange of creative energy which led to certain experiences on the way with less focus on the final outcome in the sense of a conventional exhibition.

Therefore, now in the third edition of the () A.I.R. 2016, we will shift the focus: based on knowing each other quite well, we will now even develop a deeper connection during the flow of working together. All participating artists will, during the building up phase, analyse, remark and portrait the personality shape -and also self-portrait- of each remanding participating artist, documenting this approach in various available media. In the end everyone will collaborate, layer by layer, in a collective mind-map of each persona creating big collages of information and perception.

Residency period: Wednesday 3rd to Friday 12th August.
Opening: Friday, August 12, 2016
Exhibition: 12.08.2016 - 14.08.2016