Tuesdays @ HilbertRaum:
62 days of errors | Róbert Batykó's new works

Exhibition: Tuesday, November 8 at 4 PM - 10 PM

HilbertRaum invites you to the presentation of Róbert Batykó's new painting series that the Budapest based artist has worked on for the last 62 days in Berlin. Batykó situates painting in relation to a "modern" experience of the world, increasingly mediated through technology. He paints digital errors by using a self-invented machine, yet, at the end, the final product is an analogue artwork, one layer of oil on canvas. The painting machine allows the artist to achieve a screen-like effect over the carefully handpainted images. The squeezed residue is the secondary product of the machine, which may be considered as another type of error. Róbert Batykó's artistic career has been accompanied by such acknowledgements as the Strabag Art Award or the Leopold Bloom Art Award. The individual character of his art revealed itself from the onset of his career, drawing on Pop Art, street art, graffiti art, photorealism and montage in his unique approach to hard edge painting. Although his works are based on images from our daily lives, owing to the unusual crops and surfaces of different pictorial techniques within the same composition, Batykó's paintings can best be characterised as abstract.