The thing, the map, the memory, the path

Works by Sebastian Biskup, Elizabeth McTernan, Samantha Sethi Curated by Andy Holtin

Now it would be very remarkable if any system existing in the real world could be exactly represented by any simple model. However, cunningly chosen parsimonious models often do provide remarkably useful approximations…. For such a model there is no need to ask the question "Is the model true?". If "truth" is to be the "whole truth" the answer must be "No". The only question of interest is "Is the model illuminating and useful?".
-George Box, 1978

The works of these three artists find their commonality in artistic practices that are fueled by inquiry, a struggle for clarity through the density and volatility of experience, perception, history, and expectation. This search, however, comes inseparably with the knowledge of its futility, of the limitations that render its conclusions always obsolete, always incomplete. Each hypothesis stands as a marker of what it illuminates and as a nagging reminder of what it ignores. This pursuit, then, cannot be satisfied, but equally cannot be abandoned.

Opening: Friday June o8, 6pm - 10pm
Duration: 08.06.2018 - 17.06.2018