Tiger Strikes Asteroid + HilbertRaum | as part of B-LA CONNECT and 48 h Neukölln

It’s June 2029. After the initial exchange between TSA LA and HilbertRaum, we’re looking back at 10 years of collaboration and want to honour this occasion with a joint retrospective documenting our past projects and pointing to our future plans.
Communication, exchange, networking are guiding concepts of our multimedial reality. But how can a true exchange come about which goes beyond the transportation and exhibiting of finished art objects to a different location? The staged narrative of a joint history of collaboration plays with our sense of what is true and false. It might be the trigger for a real and intense convergence between the two spaces and its protagonists.

Artists: Carl Baratta, Johanna Braun, Niina Lehtonen-Braun, Mark Brosseau, Erin Harmon, Andy Holtin, J. Makary, Brittany Mojo, Michael Niemetz, Liz Nurenberg, Armando Ramos, Kari Reardon, Franz Reimer, Jackie Rines, Eva Schwab, Chris Ulivo.



B-LA CONNECT is a platform to promote the cooperation and interlinking between the two sister cities’ creative communities. In June 2019, 20 art spaces from Los Angeles will exhibit in 22 art spaces from Berlin. The interdisciplinary program includes art exhibitions, film screenings, performances, talks, and more. The following year, in 2020, the Berlin art spaces will travel to LA for a return visit. In the sense of a positive globality B-LA CONNECT seeks to advance the cultural partnership between Berlin and Los Angeles. B-LA CONNECT wants to celebrate urban diversity, show presence and stand against reactionary forces. Berlin and Los Angeles share the urban self-image of being the world in small, a place of cultural diversity and individual freedom. In light of the rising authoritarian and regressive currents worldwide the two cities stand for a liberal and cosmopolitan openness towards the world. B-LA CONNECT wants to build bridges where others erect walls.


Opening: Friday, June 07, 6pm - 10pm
Exhibition: 08.06.2019 - 23.06.2019