BETWEEN POST AND PRE | HilbertRaum at Durden and Ray

Sascha Appelhoff + Lena von Gödeke, Feriel Bendjama, Arthur Cohen, Mathias Deutsch, Tom Dunn, Dirk Heiden, Alexander Hoepfner, Alanna Marcelletti, Sean Noyce, Aneh Ondare, Max Presneill, Eva Schwab, Mathias Völcker, Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Ruth Wiesenfeld, Clemens Wilhelm

Durden and Ray (Los Angeles) and HilbertRaum (Berlin) present "Between Post and Pre", a multidisciplinary exhibition that points to the complexities of contemporary living and art making, as well as to a general sense of the world being in a state of flux, on the cusp of major changes which are about to happen or have already begun. Like a bad joke on post-modernism's aim to question and deconstruct perceived reality, you can now enter a post-factual alternate reality where facts are being replaced by spin and interpretation. But of course this is also open to interpretation...
The works shown in this exhibition navigate their own "reality islands" in highly original, poignant ways. Some share a common ground, others are quite divergent.
One such island is the relationship with and increasing dependency on technology: Clemens Wilhelm’s short film Contact is a darkly funny take on dating in a high-tech driven, control- and surveillance obsessed world. Sean Noyce's paintings are created by a human/machine hybrid. Sascha Appelhoff/Lena von Gödeke present the viewer with Trans, a sheet of hyperlinks to discover their layout for a planned but unrealized installation at Durden and Ray.
Another group of works centers around the use of our hands to feel, think and express: Solely painted with his fingers and hands Arthur Cohen's Bull with Pink is full of opposites: violently physical yet fragile at the same time, natural yet artificial, the bull, a quintessential symbol of male potency is given a a gender-bender twist by the enveloping pink. Aneh Ondare's hand stitched gloves catalogue body memories of interactions that have "written" themselves into her skin. Ruth Wiesenfeld's little creatures made from wire mesh and unravelled fabric are created in a highly intuitive process, where the hands are doing the thinking.
Underneath all the multi-faceted diversity of the artistic positions presented in "Between Post and Pre", an overarching theme becomes apparent: a deep and passionate concern with what it means to be human.

Opening reception: Saturday, March 3, 2018, 4-7 p.m.
Artist talk: 4:30 p.m. day of opening reception (March 3)
Run of show: March. 3-31, 2018
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Location: Durden and Ray, 1923 S. Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90021

Feriel Bendjama

Alanna Marcelletti

Tom Dunn

Mathias Deutsch

Arthur Cohen

Mathias Deutsch

Mathias Deutsch

Aneh Ondare

Mathias Deutsch

Clemens Wilhelm

Alexandra Wiesenfeld

Max Presneill

Eva Schwab

Sean Noyce

Alexandra Wiesenfeld

Alexander Hoepfner

Mathias Völcker

Dirk Heiden

Alison Woods

Ruth Wiesenfeld