Tuesdays @ HilbertRaum

Concert: Ensemble xenon plays Cornelius Cardew's TREATISE

ensemble xenon:
Margarete Huber - soprano
Kathrin von Kieseritzky - saxophone
Markus Wettstein - Metal objects and melodica
Mike Flemming - viola
David Eggert - cello

ensemble xenon plays a classic of graphic notation, Cornelius Cardew's TREATISE (1963-67) It is followed by a discussion about current positions in graphic notation. (With graphic scores by Martin Daske, David Eggert, James Etherington, Nikolaus Gerszewski, Amos Hetz, Ralf Hoyer, Margarete Huber, Katharina Karrenberg, Hendrik Rungelrath, Christoph Schiller, Johannes Wallmann, Markus Wettstein, Ruth Wiesenfeld, beate maria wörz, Gisela Wrede and Ynez de Ziló.) In early 2015 ensemble xenon put out a call for new graphic scores to both composers and visual artists. A series of three concerts presented a selection of very different works from the submissions: from pen-and-ink drawings to a three-dimensional Lego score built live by a child; from almost traditional-seeming notation with only slight divergences into abstraction to purely graphic video without a soundtrack; from sketches derived from dance movements to reflectographs and structures made of canvas threads; from paper and video works to natural finds... The concert and discussion in the HILBERTRAUM forms a kind of conclusion and supplement to this series.

Date: July 1, 2016 / 8 - 10 pm

Markus Wettstein

Ensemble Xenon

Martin Daske

Amos Hetz

Katharina Karrenberg

James Etherington

Christoph Schiller

Margarete Huber

Markus Wettstein

beate maria wörz

Ruth Wiesenfeld

Gisela Wrede