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David Benforado




David Benforado | Resume

David Benforado was born in 1977 in Athens. He studied painting and sculpture/ installation at Brandeis University (USA) under Graham Campbell, Susan Lichman, Tom Bills and Enrico Gatson. He continued his studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Budapest) under Akos Birkas. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, projects and performances in Europe and in the USA. He lives and works in Berlin.

Selected Exhibitions


2015       Between Sound and Silence, Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens
              New Abstract Paintings, Hilbert Raum, Berlin
2014       Between Sound and Silence, Griechische Kulturstiftung, Berlin
2012       Painting Makams, Trigono Gallery, Athens
2010       Taxsim on the Magic Carpet, Griechische Kulturstiftung, Berlin
2009       Landscapes of the World, Landscapes of the Mind, Berliner Liste Art Fair,               Berlin
2008       Searching, Thanassis Frissiras Gallery, Athens


2015       Light and Heavy, Hilbert Raum, Berlin
              Kenophobia, CAN Gallery, Athens
              Lange Nacht der Kultur, Internationales Sommeratelier Aschersleben,               Germany
2014       Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art, Museum of the Shenandoah               Valley, Virginia, USA
              Testrakete 1.0, Fresh Eggs Gallery, Berlin
2013       Anonymous Drawings, Galerie Nord, Berlin
2011       Show Your Hope, Tacheles, Berlin
              Eat it, ArtPrisma Gallery, Piraeus
              Lightness of Being 2, Technolopis, Gazi, Athens
              Espacio 3, Imaginarium Festival of Arts, Thessaloniki
2007       Eclectic Affinities Between European Artists, Frissiras Museum, Athens
2006       Fresh Ground II, Thanassis Frissiras Gallery, Athens
              Flowers in the Plug, Lumen Gallery, Budapest
2005       Fresh Ground I, Thanassis Frissiras Gallery, Athens


2015       Internationales Sommeratelier Aschersleben, Germany


2014       Fukushima, The Aftermath Performance with Antonis Anissegos, The Story               of Berlin

Project participations

2015       KunstAutomat Projekt, Jewish Museum, Berlin
              Your Story, Bensousan Han, Thessaloniki
2009       Wiktor Szostalo´s TreeHugger Project, COP 15, Copenhagen